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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Words to Live By (Master Key)

Ten words and twenty minutes.

That's all you're supposed to need - oh, and 40 days.

Dr. Alex Loyd has done it again: found a way to enhance your immune system and get your body, mind and soul to work better with the health tools you are working with already.  He calls it the Master Key because you use it to unlock your state of being and become open to effortless healing.  He believes that there is a spiritual immune system that can be healed and activate spontaneous healing in the physical immune system.  It doesn't matter what your spiritual beliefs are, if you really want to heal yourself in a real and permanent way, you have to start with your spiritual core.

There is a Master Key System, written by  Charles F. Haanel in 1916, which is a book that explains the law of attraction and teaches you how to use it to improve your life.  This is not it.  Dr. Loyd created a meditation system that repeats 10 very important words over some video with a 528 hertz tone that's supposed to be the frequency that love vibrates playing in the background.  According to Dr. Loyd, the words have to be said aloud and repeated in a certain order to work.  The video, which is a compilation of nature photos and love tone, were added to enhance the experience and make the healing really work for you.  You have to get your whole system working - aural, visual and imagination - at the same time to get the key to unlock your healing ability.

You can use it with the Healing Codes to create a more powerful healing.  Apparently the Master Key meditations make everything work better - your cells open to accept nutrition, standard or alternative medications work better to enhance your body's health.  Your vitamins work better, you absorb nutrients better, your subconscious opens and accepts positive entrainment more easily.  And, yes, it works with the Law of Attraction because you start to be more positive and automatically start vibrating higher and attract a high vibrating and healthy lifestyle.

He's adamant about how good it works, so I decided to give it a try.  I'm only about a week in, so I'll let you know how it goes.  To learn more about the Healing Codes, go here: The Healing codes.

I'll give you the first word, which is really a phrase:  "I am."  You'd be surprised to know how important this phrase is because it can mean so many things. I even wrote a newsletter about it.  When you finish the statement, "I am," you describe yourself, your life, and your expectations, so it's really important to pay attention to what you say.  Make it good.

The rest of the words are just as important, and the trick is not that you believe in them, just that you're open to knowing about them.  This is supposed to open your mind and body to healing of all sorts.  It may take 40 days to open, but it should be worth it.

Here's a video on Vimeo of Dr. Loyd describing the Master Key:  Dr. Alex Explains

Check out this article about how saying the right words can activate your DNA strands in Waking Scientists Prove...

The program is still young, so you won't find a lot about it right now.  I'll let you know how it works for me. 


  1. would love to hear how you're doing!!

    1. I'd love to say I continued the process through the 40 days, but I didn't. I have a terrible time with following protocol. But I do have to say I've never been healthier. I missed out on the flu season - haven't even caught a cold this winter, and when I feel a little extra stressed, all I have to do is try to remember the Master Key words and I can change my stress reactions. It could be that the 40 day rule doesn't necessarily HAVE to be, just that the spirit of the exercise will work to lead you to practicing a healthier lifestyle because of how you feel about yourself.

  2. Hi Valorie

    I am interested in this program, but I don't know if I want to spend that much money if it's not something I need.

    Do you know if this is just for being healither? I have a strong health and are very rarely sick. Will this help for other things? Is it worth the money?

    1. Practicing the Master Key is about more than just creating a healthy body. You are taking a little time out of your everyday life to focus on your inner being. Stress affects every aspect of your life, including your emotional and spiritual health. This is a way to center yourself and open up to the energy of the universe - become a lightning rod that attracts love and joy.

      If you already feel balanced and have little worries about how everyday stress is affecting you, or if you already have a regular meditation practice that works for you, you may not need the Master Key. Or you can learn the process to act as a stress shield to protect you from future unforeseen challenges - preventative medicine, if you will. As for being worth the money - it is if you get results that change your life for the better. Remember that Dr. Alex and his discoveries aren't going anywhere. If you don't need it now, file what you know about the Master Key away until later. I'm sure there will be other opportunities to buy it.

      Either way, don't wait until you have health problems to decide to help yourself. Don't take your good health for granted. Remember that what you do today, the good and the unhealthy, will affect you tomorrow.

      Take care of yourself.

  3. Hi Valorie,
    Are you still using the master key? I that the same as the healing codes from Dr. Lloyd? Have you personally found other areas of your life that have improved? Do you still watch and listen to it occassionally?

  4. hello valorie Maya, can you give me the material of master Key, I ned use it.

  5. Do you have any free samples I can try? I would buy it but cannot afford it.ty

  6. I am whole, perfect, strong, powerful, loving, harmonious and happy.